If you require IVA debt help it can sometimes feel like you’ve done something wrong or have somehow failed. Although the need for IVA debt help can arise from mistakes, in many instances spiralling debts are unfortunate but inevitable. If you are feeling glum about your financial position, it may be comforting to know that others are in the same boat – and it isn’t just individual debtors.

This month the high street chain Peacocks was forced to declare insolvency and the gifts retailer Past Times was also found to be in a very dangerous financial position. Following the collapse of Woolworths and La Senza in previous years, these financial failures are terrible news for the economy and the British high street. If there is one positive to be taken from all of this it is that we are all in the same, difficult boat.

IVA debt help is of no use to big companies but, for individuals with unmanageable debts, IVA debt help is a potential life raft in the face of spiralling debts. IVA debt help allows individuals to get their debts under control and can stop interest accruing on outstanding debts. Over the course of 3 years this form of IVA debt help will eventually work debtors out of their sticky financial situation and back into the black – provided they keep to the rules.

Sadly this form of debt resolution is not possible for Peacocks or Past Times. Peacocks have been involved in long talks with over 15 lenders for many weeks, desperately attempting to restructure their debts in order to avoid the loss of hundreds of stores and thousands of jobs.

Times are certainly tough at the moment and, if we are to learn anything from the current economic climate, it is to act sooner rather than later. Taking tough, sensible steps, like setting up IVA debt help at an early stage, will save long term strife and stress. 

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