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Expert IVA help and IVA services

If you owe money to creditors, and are desperately struggling to meet the repayments, The IVA Service can provide tailored IVA help in order for you to:
  • Be free of unsecured debt within a set timescale
  • Freeze the interest on your debt
  • Write off an element of your debts subject to creditor agreement
  • Avoid bankruptcy and the restrictions it imposes
  • End harassment from creditors
  • Restructure your family and business finances, without the worry of creditors chasing you
We are insolvency practitioners who specialise in providing debt solutions to consumers and business owners – and have a wide expertise in the area of Individual Voluntary Arrangements (“IVAs”). We are also able to offer assistance with bankruptcy proceedings, guidance towards informal debt management solutions and Protected Trust Deeds in Scotland.

IVA services to help you with your debt

The term IVA stands for “Individual Voluntary Arrangement” and is a legal and contractual method of resolving debts whilst avoiding some of the consequences of bankruptcy. An IVA acts as a legal contract between you and your creditors, enabling you to reduce your repayments to an affordable level and clear them over a fixed and agreed period of time.

Another benefit of an IVA is that it offers protection from the collections actions of creditors. Your home will not be at risk (provided that you abide by the IVA agreement) and your job should not be affected (subject to any employer or regulatory requirements).
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IVA Testimonials
"Their service was excellent, professional and efficient; leaving me confident I was in safe hands throughout the process. I found them to be a very valuable team with the upmost knowledge and expertise."
J Howard
"When I rang them the lady I initially spoke to was wonderful,kind and enormously helpful. I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders just talking to her - it was non judgmental and felt personal in a good way."
Tailored Debt Solutions from leading Insolvency Professionals

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IVA help tailored to your situation

Use our IVA service to bring all your various debts into one manageable monthly payment, which you can afford to pay, allowing you enough money to cover all of your necessary household and personal expenditure. The term of the IVA will generally be five years, although the timescale will be dictated by your own specific circumstances. At the end of the IVA, any remaining unsecured debt is legally written off by your creditors, leaving you free of unsecured debt and anxiety. An IVA can in fact write off up to 90% of your debts subject to your circumstances.

Our experience is crucial to the IVA service we provide. With the expertise and knowledge which comes with having arranged such a vast number of IVAs, we know the amounts creditors are likely to accept. Not only can we provide expert IVA help and assistance, but we are also in a position to advise you as to whether an IVA is the best course of action for you to take, or if another debt management solution would be a more appropriate measure.

For expert IVA services please do not hesitate to call us on 08081 689611 or email iva@iva-service.co.uk. Take advantage of our knowledge and access meaningful IVA help that can remove your debt worries.

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